دکتر محمدعلی بهار

Curriculum Vitae
Personal Details
 Name: Mohammadali
 Surname: Bahar
 Date of Birth: 1951
 Place of Birth: Semnan, Iran
 Employed by Iran Medical University and health services since 1985
 Clinical laboratory specialty from Tehran University of medical sciences and health services in 1979
 MPH [Master's of Public Health] from Ministry of Health in 1981
 Immunology specialty from Tehran University in 1991
 Molecular Post Doctorate from Canada's Alberta University in 2001
 Having granted a one-year sabbatical in 2001 to study techniques of making artificial skin
Academic Background
 Full professor of Immunology Department from 2014
 Contractual employment as full-time associate professor from 1983 at Tehran University of Medical Sciences (Microbiology Department)
 Contractual employment as fulltime associate professor at Shahid Rahnemoun Hospital from 1986
 Employment as full-time associate professor at Firouzabadi Hospital (head of hospital's laboratory)
 Head of Shahid Fahmideh Hospital's laboratory since 1996
 Associate professor Haftom-e-Tir Hospital and head of its laboratory since 1996
 Associate professor Shahid Motahari Hospital and head of its laboratory since 2000
 Shahid Motahari Hospital's associate professor and deputy head for research since 2005
 Full-time member of burn Research Center Head of Research burn research centre 2008
Other activities
 Launching of burn Research Center 2008
 Mastering dermal bank technique in Canada and carrying it out at Shahid Motahari Hospital Accidents and Burns Ward
 Member of Immunology Research Center
 Contributing to the construction of 150-bed hospital for patients who suffer burns
 Cooperating with Firefighting Department
 Having obtained Iran-Canada Burns Research Center Agreement
 Nutritional role of Zein
 Outbreak of toxoplasma in Iran and its epidemiological study
 Relationship between tumors and actinomyces
 Studding of the effect of Lithum on humeral immunity
 Studying the anti-germ effect of phenitoin and releasing in vitro research studies on the subject
 Synthesis and finding the nano fiber of gold shells and using them in skin welding
 Reporting first case of salmonella Adilanid from the spinal cord of a newborn suffering from septicemia and meningitis
 Studying the activity of several substances that prevent the proliferation of bio-film in bacteria
 Studying non-Mandel heredity and the role of related genes in Iranian patients suffering from Ataxia telangiectasia
 Studying the drug resistance of pseudomonas aeroginosa isolated from hospital infections and determining the production of betalactamase using rapid penicillinase paper strip test
 Studying the outbreak of metalobetalactamase blaMP, bla vim in PA resistant to imipenem isolated from wounds of burn patients
1-Dermal Fibroblasts from different Layers of human skin are heterogeneous in expression of collagenase and type 1 and III procollagen m RNA
Mohammad ali Bahar, Barbara Bauer, Edword E. Tredget, Aziz Ghahary.
Wound Repair and Regeneration March- April 2004.
2-The study of Th1/Th2 cytokine profiles ( IL-10, IL-12, IL4 and IFN ) in PBMcs of patients with Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis and Newly Diagnosed Drug Responsive Cases.
Mehdi Shekar- Abi. Narges Miandebi .Seyed Davod Mansoori, Masoumeh Tavasoli Fayri, Mohammadali Bahar Aref Amir khani, Seyed Mehdi Mirsaeidi.
National Research institute of Tuberculosis and Lung disease , Iran T anaffos 2004 3 (10). 25-31
3-Comparison of frequency of Helicobacter pylori infection in subgroups of patients with Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia.
Amir Hussin faghihi kashani, Mohammad Ali Bahar ,Ali Kabir, Ali Bassi
Ann Iranian Med. 2005: 2: 59-62.
4-Association between Helicobacter pyori infection and coronary Heart disease
Mohammad Ali Bahar, Amir Hussein faghihi ,Ali kabir, parviz Haghighat
Ann Iranian Med, 2005: 2: 55-58 .
5-Investigation on Mitochondrial TRNA (Leu/Lys), NDI and AT pase 6/8 in Iranian Multiple sclerosis patients
Solmaz Etemad Ahari, Massoud Houshmand, Mehdi shafa ,sadaf kasraie, Mostafa Moin Mohammadali Bahar.
Cell Mol Neurobiol 2007-9160-2.
6-The Immunoregulatory function of IDO and It’s Application in Allotransplantation
Reza. Jalili, Farshad forouzandeh, Mohammad Ali Bahar and Aziz Ghahary ,
Iran J Allergy Asthma Immunol 2007 6 (4) 167-179.
7-Point Mutations on Mitochondrial DNA in Iranian patients with friedreich’s Ataxia
S. Etemad Ahari, M.Houshmand, S. Kasraie , M. Moin, M.Bahar . M. Shafa. G Ahangri,
Iran J child Neurology Nov 2007.
8-Phenotypic Detection of Metallo – beta- Lactamaes producing pseudomonas aeroginosa Strains Isolated from Burned patients .
Horieh saderi, Zohreh karimi, Parviz Owlia, Mohammadali Bahar seyed Mohammad Bagher Akhavi Rad .
Iranian Journal of pathology (2008) 3 (1), 20-24.
9-Investigation of TRNa (Leu/Lys) and ATpase 6 genes Mutation in Huntington’s Disease
Sadaf kasraie. Massoud Houshmand. Mohammad Mehdi Banoei. Solmaz Etemad Ahari, Mehdi shafa parvin shariati, Mohammadali Bahar, Mostafa Moin
Cell Mol Neurobiol 2008-9261-6 .
10-Comparison of WBC, ESR, CRP and PCT serum levels in Septic and non septic burn cases. Mitra Barati . Farank Alinejad, Mohammad Ali Bahar. Nosrat-ol-Lahe- Bodouhi, Hamid karimi Journal of the interncetional society for Burns V: 34 I:6 sep 2008 .
11-Assessment of burn wound infection by swab and biopsy culture. A comparative study. Mohammadali Bahar. Ali Manafi, Nosratollah Bouduhi hamid karimi, Mahshid Hormazdi, Siamac Esfandi and Ali kabir.
Medical J of the islamic Republic of Iran Vol: 22 No: 2 August 2008 PP80-85.
12-Imipenem- resistant pseudomonas aeroginosa strains carry metallo – B- Lactamase gene blavim in a level I Iranian burn hospital.
Mohammad Ali Bahar , Shohreh Jamali, Ali sammadikuchaksaraei.
J.Burns, 2009.10.011
13-Preparation and evaluation of chitosan –gelatin composite scaffolds modified with chondroitin 6 sulphate .
Shahriar Hojjati Emami, Ali Moradi, shahin Bonakdar Mohammad Reza Tabrir, Ali sammadikuchaksaraei and Mohammad Ali Bahar.
Int, J. Mat. Res. 101 (2010 )10.
14-Immunophenotype of peripheral blood lymphocytes following thermal injury in patients kobra Z Entezami Arezokhosravi, Tahereh, Mousavi Mohammad Ali Bahar.
Medical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran Vol 24- No:2 August 2010 PP 96-102 .
15-Immunoprotective Role of IDO in Engraftment of Allogenic skin substitute in wound Healing Mohammadali Bahar, Laya Nabai, Aziz Ghahary.
Journal of Burn Care Research 2011 volume xx .
16-Frequency of extended spectrum beta lactamase producer P. acruginosa strains isolated from burned patients of Motahari hospital Tehran Iran .
Fatemeh Abdollahzadeh, Mojdeh Hakemi vala, fatemeh Bagheri Bejestani Mohammad Ali Bahar
Journal of pharmaceutical and Health sciences
Volume 1-No-1 Jan 2011.
17-Electrospun chitosan –gelatin nanofiberous scaffold: fabrication and invitro evalnation.
Javad jafari, shahriar Hojjati Emami, Ali samadi kuchaksaraci , Mohammadali Bahar.
Bio- Medical materials and Engineering 21 (2011)99-112 .
18-Chlamydia pneumonia seropositivity in Iranian patients with Multiple selerosis a pilot study Maryam Aghaie, foreshteh Ashtari, Mohammadali Bahar Mohammad Reza falahian , Neurologia j Neurochir urgia polska 2011,45.2.120-131 .
19-Mycoplasma pneumonia seropositivity in Iranian patients with Relapsing-Remithing Multiple sclerosis: A Randomized case-control study.
Mohammadali Bahar, Fereshteh Ashtari, Maryam Aghaei.
JPMA 62: 5-6 2012.
20-The Next generation of Burns treatment : Intelligent films and Matrices, controlled Enzymatic Debridement and adult stem cells. (in process).
Stura F. Drago H, Diaz Aquino V, Martire K, Bahar, M and et, all .
21-Valproic acid reduces nodule formation and collagen accumulation in an in vitro fibrotic model through down- regulation of type 1 collagen and fibronectin expression in dermal fibroblast (in preparation).
Yanyuan Li, Mohammadli Bahar. Azadeh H. Tabatabaei Amy Lai, Layla Nbai, Ruhangiz T.K.lani, Aziz Ghahary .
22-Serotonin pursues opposite action to extra cellular molecular expression dependenet on It’s concentration in dermal fibroblasts (inpreparation).
Yunyuanli, Mohammadali bahar. Layla Nabai Azedah tabatabie, Ruhangiz T. Kilani, Aziz Ghahary .
23- The prevalence of fungal infections in a level I Iranian burn hospital.
Mohammad Ali Bahar Mohammod Reza pakyari Mazaher Gholipourmalekaladi , Ali sammadikuchak saraei .
Asian Biomedicine 190 5-7415 Dec 5,2012 .
Written books
 Immunology Comprehensive Book form Medical Student
 Immunology for Nursing and Medical Students
 Principles of sampling and quality control in medical diagnosis labs
Translated books
 Immunology for medical Students(Kuby)
 Clinical Immunology and Serology (Christine. Dorresteyn Stevens.)
Teaching background
1-Infections and vaccines
3-Hemaglotination reactions
4-Basics of working and care in laboratories
5-Direct and indirect coombs
6-MHC complex and related processing mechanisms and presenting an antigen
7-Intrinsic immunity, anti-germ factors, phagocytes and inflammation
8- Immunology of Infectious disease
9- Basics of vaccination
10-Immunoprophilaxy, basis of immunodiffusion and clinical application
11-skin tests
12-Serology for measuring the concentration and activity of complement
13-Chemokines and its relation with viral infections
14-Designing and implementing different techniques of immunodiffusion
15-principles and methods of Nephelometry
16-Diagnosis principles of infectious disease
17-Eliza and immunoassay methods
18-Methods of measuring lg and complement
19 -principles of laboratorial diagnosis in immunology
21-Different methods of immuno-precipitation
22-Immunogens and antigens
23-Biology and T lymphocyte, NK Cells and cellular immunological reaction
24-Immuno deficiencies system
25-Immunology of tumors
26-Reaction of Ag and antibody
27-phagocytosis and quantitative technique of luminesanse
28-the role of cytokine in wound healing
Research works and dissertations
 Assessment of deficiency in blood's plasma as a symptom in burn patients at Shahid Motahari Hospital
 frequancy of metifilin-resistant staphilococos in stuffs isolated from inpatients at Shahid Motahari Hospital
 The comparison of serum levels of procalcitonin ,WBC, ESR, CPR in burn and non-septicemia patients
 Producing substitute skin
 Studying cellular-immunological changes in burn patients (CD3)
 Study the X chromosome gene related to Wisscot Aldridge disease
 The effect of ascorbic and carcomin on skin fibroblasts
 Studying the X chromosome gene related to patients suffering from severe immunological deficiencies
 Studying the activity of cytokines Th1 and Th2
 Sorting out different indexes of pseudomonas isolated from wounds of burn patients
 Studying of wounds…infections in burn patients at Shahid Motahari hospital
 Studying the effectiveness of mesenchimal stem cells for treating of burn patients ( As a animal model )
 Studying and comparing antibodies fighting mycoplasma pnomonie and chlamedia pnomonie in MS patients and healthy people in Isfahan in 2008
 Studying the anti-germ effect of pomegranate on PA isolated from burn patients
 Studying the effect of three kinds of music on NK cells
 The comparison of the serum level of cytokine in burn patients
 Counting the CD8, CD4 and CD3Lymphocyte compared to CD4 and CD8 ones and NK cells and using the results in healthy Iranians
 Studying the identification of bacteria, antibiotic resistance and transferring the resistance
 Studying the Lymphocyte changes of peripheral blood in MI
 Studying the frequency of TLR 2 and TLR4 genetic polymorphism in autoimmune disease
 Studying the serum levels of EBV antibodies in MS
 Studying the prevalence of some mutation of genes in pseudomonas isolated from burn patients
 Synthesis and finding the nano features of gold shells and using them in skin welding
 Studying the frequency of polymorphisms of recipient of Vitamin D
 Studying the polymorphism of IL13 gene
 Isolating hospital Acinetobacter with gelatin application
 Studying the activity of Th1 and Th2 (IFN, IL2, IL4) cytokines